CEO Reed Hastings and the Netflix Board of Directors

In the urgent interest of children's mental health and safety, and in light of the national outcry over your company's recklessly graphic, explicit, and romanticized depiction of suicide in 13 Reasons Why, I and my fellow signers call on you and Netflix to exercise good judgment, logic, reason, restraint, and proper regard for public health. We hereby call on you to:

1. Immediately cease the distribution of 13 Reasons Why. Academic research has already demonstrated a 26% increase in the Google search term for "How to Kill Myself' following the release of Season l.

2. Implement a pricing structure that allows Netflix customers to opt-out of receiving - and paying for - sexually explicit, graphically violent, and harshly profane programming. Your customers should be afforded an opportunity to consume the family-quality viewing options Netflix provides, but without being forced to underwrite toxic MA-rated content.

Please note that fellow signers and I take this matter, and the human toll exacted by your company's program content, as a personal infringement on our families' safety and welfare. We will follow your response closely, as we consider any future patronage of your service.

Fox News interview with PTC President Tim Winter