The TV Content Ratings System needs to be overhauled — find out why.

What’s Inside

Prime-time broadcast network "family comedies" are increasingly relying on characters discussing sexual content.

A recent trend has been adult characters (parents and teachers) making explicit references to sex in front of teenage and even child characters.

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WARNING: This video contains graphic adult content. Please do not view when children are watching.

Major Findings

This study found:

  • Over 80% (81.5%) of all primetime broadcast network “family comedies” analyzed for this study contained instances of adults using explicit sexual dialogue in front of children.
  • ALL the Fox and NBC “family comedies” reviewed in this study contained instances of adults using sexual dialogue in front of children.
  • On the Disney-owned ABC network, 75% of “family comedies” contained such dialogue.
  • On CBS, more than half (60%) of “family comedies” did.
  • All of CBS’ “family comedies” were rated TVPG; 83% included a “D” descriptor designating sexual dialogue.
  • On ABC, 80% of the network’s “family comedies” containing sex talk in front of kids were rated TVPG, and over half of them (60%) lacked the “D” descriptor designating sexual dialogue.
  • Fox and NBC were more responsible about rating content appropriately: on NBC, 68% of “family comedies” were rated TV14, and 85% had the “D” descriptor; and 75% of Fox “family comedies” were rated TV14 and contained a “D” descriptor.
  • NBC’s A.P. Bio contained the most instances of adult sexual dialogue in front of children. Next worst, in order, were: The Mick (Fox), American Housewife (ABC), Life in Pieces (CBS), and Family Guy (Fox).

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This important study shows broadcast networks are increasingly desensitizing viewers about intimate sexual behaviors in front of children.

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