By passing this legislation, together we can help protect children from the proven harm that comes from their exposure to graphic sex, violence and profanity in entertainment.

Quick Issue Summary

In 2005 -- in the face of fierce opposition from Hollywood -- Congress passed the bipartisan Family Movie Act to empower parents to protect their kids from violence, sex, language, bullying, and other objectionable content in Hollywood films and TV shows. The FMA allowed companies to offer tools that skip and mute harmful content in the home.

Both previous to and following the passage of the FMA, Hollywood has used its deep pockets and massive legal firepower to shut down or cripple all sixteen companies attempting to offer a solution to parents to skip and mute content in the home.

In 2017, pro-family leaders such as Dr. James Dobson and many others signed a letter calling on Congress to update the Family Movie Act so that the studios could not use Hollywood-friendly courts to overturn the will of Congress. Press release here.

In 2018, H.R. 6816 – The Family Movie Act Clarification Act – was introduced in the House to solve the problem once and for all.

Why Your Support Is So Valuable

With your , we will continue to expose Hollywood Hypocrisy and to hold the television networks accountable for the content they produce and make available to children.

Because Our Children Are Watching.