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Dear Mr. Stephenson,

Scientific research shows that teens and preteens change their behavior to mimic what they see on TV dramas, even if the behavior isn’t the norm in their lives. Research confirms that depictions of suicide increase actual youth suicide . . . depictions of dangerous drug use increase actual dangerous drug use . . . depictions of sex and violence increase actual sex and violence.

THEREFORE, I’m joining Tim Winter and the Parents Television Council to respectfully but urgently plead with you to cancel the new HBO streaming program Euphoria. Please do this for the sake of children and families who will be hurt by this irresponsible program.

Here is what two of many Hollywood media sources are saying about the program in a broad array of surprisingly negative reviews: 

“Thirty penises in one episode? Zendaya’s new series, filled with graphic nudity, violence and drug use among young people, is so extreme that one star quit mid-shoot.” (Hollywood Reporter

“statutory rape and full-frontal nudity” (USA Today)

“ . . . casual TV surfers (and AT&T executives) might be surprised if they check out what’s on the company’s HBO channel: an erect penis. It’s just one of many jarring elements of Euphoria, the new teen drama that offers perhaps the most unflinching, not to mention explicit, take on modern adolescence ever to hit U.S. television.” (Hollywood Reporter)

“. . . a sex scene between teens involving choking. In one episode alone, close to 30 penises flash onscreen.” (Hollywood Reporter)

Please, for the sake of our children, meet with Tim Winter, search your heart, and do the responsible thing by canceling Euphoria. Thank you.

Click here for examples of the kind of content HBO is delivering to young audiences. WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT

Episode 6:

Nate, aware of his father’s hookups with transgendered girls, and in particular, with Jules, tries to protect his father. He contacted Jules through a gay dating app, and Jules sent him nude pics, which he then uses to blackmail Jules to keep her silence, threatening to go to the police with evidence that Jules has been transmitting child pornography. As the fall-out continues from him grabbing his girlfriend Maddie by the neck, Nate and Maddie hatch a plan to falsely accuse someone else of attacking her. Nate returns to Tyler’s apartment (Tyler is the one Maddie had sex with in the swimming pool in the first episode, and Nate later accused him of raping Maddie and brutally beat him) and tells him that he is either going to confess to choking Maddie the night of the carnival, or Maddie is going to go to the police and accuse him of rape. Nate then blackmails Jules into telling the police she witnessed the attack.

Cassie and McKay experience some difficulties in their relationship. McKay didn’t acknowledge her as his girlfriend at the carnival, so Cassie started flirting with classmate Daniel on the carousel. After a college Halloween party, McKay and Cassie are about to be intimate when seven or eight fraternity brothers burst in to his apartment in what seems to be some kind of hazing ritual. The men appear to be naked except for jockstraps. They pull McKay off the bed and there’s some sexual thrusting going on, but it’s not clear whether there was any actual penetration. McKay sobs and locks himself in the bathroom after they leave. Sometime later he leaves the bathroom and proceeds to have sex with Cassie from behind. Her breasts are fully exposed. She’s at a Halloween party with her classmates the following evening and starts dancing and making out with Daniel. They go to a bedroom and he tries to initiate sex, but she says no, because she would feel too guilty. He tries to coerce her, and when she continues to say no, he verbally abuses her, telling her how stupid she is and that the only reason any guys act interested in her is because they want to have sex with her.

Rue is trying to stay sober, Jules gets drunk and is acting strangely, at times affectionate, at times pulling-away.

Kat continues to webcam, now with four different men who pay her to verbally abuse them online. A boy from school is interested in her, but she thinks he just wants to use her for sex, rather than pursue a relationship. He takes her to the bathroom and Kat turns him down, saying she doesn’t sleep with virgins. He performs oral sex on her in the bathroom, but ejaculates in his pants, and she leaves while he’s cleaning himself up.

F**k used 64 times

S**t used 6 times

Other obscenities include d**k, b**ch

If you’d rather not read the content examples, we completely understand. But you need to know that thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of impressionable kids are watching this content on their smart phones or other internet connected devices through HBO’s streaming apps. Your most generous gift today will help us put a stop to this dangerous series.

Second, show your support for our mission by donating today to the Parents Television Council. This support will allow us to reach people like AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson and help him understand how dangerous concerned Americans view programs like Euphoria.

Only through the support of our friends like you can we protect our children and families. Help us make a powerful difference in America’s entertainment industry through your donation today.